Alabama Angel

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Worry-Free Wednesday

Worry-Free Wednesday is where I list (you can do this literally or mentally) everything I woory about & I turn it over to God. I don't worry about it any more. Because worrying is the opposite of having faith & we are instructed to have faith.

1. I am not going to worry about money. Instead, I am going to learn to be a better steward of the funds we have.

2. I am not going to worry about what other people think of me, because what He thinks is all that matters.

3. I am not going to worry about being alone or being left. I will never be alone because God is always with me.

4. I am not going to worry about the future, because God already knows it & has it in his hands.

5. I am not going to worry about my past because I have asked for forgiveness and received it in Christ's name, and I have an eternal future with my Saviour.

6. I am not going to worry about the people who are talking against me, rather I will pray for them and make a special effort to be helpful & kind & show the kind of generosity that Jesus did.

7. I will not worry what kind of parent others think I am, because I know that God is within my child and that try as I might, I will fail at times, but God will NEVER fail him.

8. I will not worry about all that I still don't have at my age. Instead, I will be thankful for all I do have & praise His name for all the blessings that are handed down just for me each day.


  1. 1. God always provides :) Money is materialistic and we can't take it with us its just nice to enjoy while we are here.
    2. Rod loves you and your parents put up with you haha. J/k... I tend to like you! Who cares about anyone else!
    3. You are never alone and I don't think you have that problem lol.
    5. We can't go back and change it so what!
    6. shameful of people to speak against you. They don't know you well enough
    7. you are a good parent. I think you carry that burden alot and we might all have to be single moms at some point we are what we make of it. At least he has goals other than living in the projects for the rest of his life and being a drug dealer.
    8. I figured the kids would destroy it anyways and you know what most people have debt that you don't have! Be thankful for that!!