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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Only The Parts I Can Tell You About

So yesterday at the end of my rope, not feeling well, I trudged through my day. I was doing laundry so I have my son take a load of clothes that were waiting to be folded & hung up & put them on my bed when the doorbell rang. Of course, since I don't have it all together, I forget about them & go about my day. I wasn't feeling good, so sometime in the day when my son was upstairs I asked him to bring me a pillow & quilt off my bed. Later in the evening, letting "it all" get to me & having my own self- serving, self-inflicted pity party, I wind up just thinking maybe I will go take a shower & then soak in the tub for a while before I go to bed, which I do. When I get out of the tub, my DH is on the bed, the clean clothes that i had my son place on my bed earlier in the day are in the floor on top of dirty ones or mixed in, whatever. I lose it. With tears in my eyes, yet again, I kick the clean/dirty clothes out of the room, into the hall, down the stairs & as I open the baby gate that is at the landing of the stairs (keeps the dogs I am dog sitting this week from coming upstairs) one of the dogs pukes on the second step before the landing. Nice! So before I can even kick the dirty/clean clothes that I so love to wash & dry & drag up & down the stairs a million times & fold & hang farther, I have to stop & clean up dog puke. As I pass through the kitchen to go get cleaner for the carpet, I see where I cooked supper & since I wasn't feeling well I had not cleaned up & of course, no one else had been in the kitchen long enough to do anything but mess either. SO I shew the dogs into my dogs room where they had been earlier & I see the mess they made. Because I didn't feel like I was close enough to the edge yet, right. I start to get the dishes out of the dishwasher to find a peice a Tupperware that has been put under the cabinet & wasn't clean. I lose it for real. I throw Tupperware across the kitchen into the livingroom.

I call my son downstairs & ask that he help clean up. I don't know if he knocked the clothes off the bed getting the quilt & pillow or if my DH knocked them off when he got into the bed. Bottom line, I guess they shouldn't have been on the bed. So I wind up getting the dogs room cleaned once again, doing more laundry once again, putting away leftovers, cleaning off countertops, doing dishes, sweeping floors, letting the dogs out for the last time, taking a sleeping pill & half an anxiety pill & sleeping in the spare room so as not to be woke up at 4 AM when my DH has to get up & being kept up all night by the whirring of his computer that he swears kept him alive during the last year in Korea & refuses to turn off at night. Since I started my BP meds, I have kept a headache. The doc said to give it two weeks to get in my system & ignore the side effects. I am trying, but my head is killing me almost every day.

I get up this morning around 6. I come downstairs to dog puke & 2 big piles of dog poop where the dogs have relieved themselves in the livingroom for some reason. I guess I should be thankful it wasn't in the carpet on the stairs, but on the hardwood in the livingroom & a little easier to clean up, right? Be thankful for the little things. I appreciate my DH not stepping in it on his way out the door & grinding it into the floor. So I wake up to more to clean. I am still harboring the headache, so starting the day with dog poop & puke is a great start to my day. Afterward, I think coffee sounds good. I need something besides the smell of cleaners to wake me up. I make coffee & start to refill the filtered waterer jug when the filter comes out & I have to start all over with the water jug. Just icing on the cake. I cook oatmeal, drink my coffee & was thinking I would go to the gym & work off some of my frustrations. What a great idea. Well, in all my genius, last night I had failed to make sure the dryer was on enough to dry the clothes that were in there (the clothes in the dryer just happened to be my gym clothes). So dryer back on, no gym for now.

My DH comes in to tell me that at his appt this morning he was told that he had no insurance. Yes, it is yet another Tri-Care error. We DO have insurance and especially him, the soldier! Yesterday they had him attached to a post he had never been attached to. But just one more thing to work with. So let us deal with Tri-care yet again. Yay! Then we later figure out that we have been kicked out of the Marriage Retreat that the Army was sponsoring. One more YAY!

So since we weren't going to the Marriage Retreat, I thought I would adjust the dates that I would take my son to AL to accomodate my schedule therefore allowing me to spend my sons 16th birthday with him. Well, that was not going to fly with him because that isn't what he wanted. It interfered with the time he has slated to spend with his friends.

You know it has been a good day when you are looking SO forward to a Monday. It is times like the last 24 hours that make me thank the Lord that He never allowed me to acquire a drinking or drug habit because this would have definitely been a time for me to fall off the wagon! Thank you Lord for making me broke enough not to be able to afford a habit at any time in my life. hahahahahahaha! WOOOOOOOO HOOOO!

When you see someone on the news that lost their marbles, you will now have a full explanation of the "why" behind it.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Prayer For Me & Those Who Intentionally Hurt Me With Their Words

What is it about me that doesn't take as much offense to something said if I think the person saying it did not intend to be hurtful? The same thing said with the intention to be hurtful will cause unreal amounts of havoc.

Lord, please forgive me if I unintentionally say mean, hurtful, demeaning derogatory remarks to anyone & make them feel like dirt. And Lord, please forgive me for my shortcomings of not automoatically forgiving those who say demeaning, remarks to me. Lord, help me to be a more forgiving person. Help me to not want to lash back out at them. Help me not to envision myself getting even. Lord, and please, please, don't let me be there when those who intentionally say these things gets what is coming to them. It will be bad enough that I don't want to be anywhere around.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Not Me Monday

So everyone knows the concept of the "Not Me Monday" where you say something & say you aren't to blame basically on a Monday. I want to incorporate this into my blog, but it seems I am a good girl on Mondays, well, mostly. Ok, so I am naughty all the time, but have SO much practice I don't get caught. How is that for truthful. So here is my first attempt.

I did NOT wait until today to start on the cookies that I have to take tonight to MNO & have for tomorrows cookie exchange. Nope! Not me!

I did NOT put off doing laundry today when I know I have no clean jeans that fit me right. Nope. That would NOT be me.

I haven't been waiting for energy to clean the downstairs & now it is after lunch. No, again, not me.

Happy "Not Me Monday!"

Friday, January 22, 2010

Health Update

Many of you may know that my blood pressure was high as of last summer when I had surgery. I finally broke down & I am now on blood pressure medicine. If you read my previous post on dealing with Tri-Care, it was concerning this. Anyway, I took my first pill & my son allowed me to use his laptop. Things were floating off the page. My son was laughing about it. I looked up the side effects & the closest thing was "may cause blurry vision" It was floating vision. haha! Not bad though. This is my second day on it & so far so good. I was afraid I wouldn't have any energy if my blood pressure went down, like I would feel weak or something. So far, I can't say I have any more energy, but if I had less than before I would grow bedsores probably.

I was also put on Ambien for sleep. I have tried sleeping meds before & they haven't worked for me. I had not tried Ambien before so here we go. I took it last night for the first time. I got a little sleep, but it wasn't like I slept like a baby or anything. I took it at 10. At midnight I was still awake. I woke up at 4 something when my husband got up, but I didn't get up. I tossed & turned and got up before 8. But a little sleep is better than none.

I was also given anxiety meds with warnings of how addictive it is. Like I haven't ever taken them before. DUH! I weaned myself off of them which was my choice before. So now I feel like the old lady with the purse full of pills that is waddling around falling apart. Am I old enough to be on blood pressure meds? As a kid I thought "old people" had blood pressure problems. It doesn't geel good to have in your head that this is for old people & realize that "old people" is YOU!

They also took bloodwork, so when I go back for my checkup in two weeks, they can tell me what all else is wrong with me. Yikes! Isn't that scary!

So once I finally got to the doc, my appt was as 1045. I was told that I needed to be there 15 minutes early. So I show up at 1030. At noon I was called back. NOTE: This was NOT on post. On post at Redstone spoiled me. If your appt was at 1045, you were being called back by 1045 period! They meant that! Not so with a civilian doctor. My advice, bring a lunch! So I am called back, get my weight (they were nice & put the weight on the scale at 150 to start. Bless their hearts!So sweet!)get my blood pressure in both arms & at 1203 I am on my own again. I sit in the room & I hear through the paper thin walls of the 6X7 room (I am NOT exaggerating! Do NOT go there if you are claustrophobic!) the patient next to me & the doc talking & I could go into everything I heard & how the HIPPA laws do not help that. But I won't get on my soap box. So about 1230 the doc comes in. He is very cute. Great accent & pretty lips. He is PRETTY! So I am taken aback as I was expecting some stooped over, crusty, older-than-dirt man or something. I have no idea why. Just my luck I guess. So I look at him like I have never seen a man before & can't even answer his questions until I gain my composure. As cute as he was, he was NOT worth a wait of that long. I thought I was going to have to organize grand mutiny to get to be seen.

So there is my update. Pray that my blood pressure medicine makes weight fall off, literally just fall off. haha! And if you hear something rattling, it is just me coming with my purse full of pills.

Hired! Graduation Ceremony

My son started his 12 week apprenticeship with the hired! program here at Fort Stewart almost as soon as we arrived here. You have to work 15 hours a week for 12 weeks. You have a meeting to go to once a week each of those 12 weeks that help you with job skills such as interview questions, resume help, etc.

Above is a picture of my son, his hired! coordinator Ms. Tierra & other Youth employees & helpers with this program. I was so proud of my son. Seeing him complete something. It is a good feeling.

The second picture of Rod with the hired program coordinator is when she said she had a special award for an apprentice that has gone beyond what was expected & volunteered to help set up for meetings, shown up for everything, turned in all paperwork, completed all requirements & had glowing recommendations from his co-workers & boss. when they called my sons name for this I was so proud. I just knew I was going to cry & embarrass my son since everything I do embarrasses him (those of you who are or have been a parent of a teen understand this). I had to take a pic at least , which was embarrassing enough for my son. We always hear so many bad stories of kids gone wrong. I think it just starts at home. You have to instill a giving spirit into them at a young age & show them the gift of giving back & having something to give.

I am so blessed to have such a wonderful son, even through the teen years. I only hope to be the parent he needs. I question why God blessed me with such a great son when there is no way I could ever live long enough to do enough to become worthy of having such a blessing. Then I realize all that I have been blessed with is only because the Lord has given it to me, not because I deserve them nor and I expected to ever become close to worthy of the many blessing I have been given. It is very humbling.

Thursday, January 14, 2010


I have, since my DH re-enlisted in the Army been a HUGE proponent of Tri-Care & had no problems with them or our care facilities. That being said, "Welcome to Fort Stewart." I have no idea who is dropping the ball or where it is being dropped. But rest assured the ball HAS been dropped and I am NONE too happy about it. Anyone who knows me & knows me well, knows without a shadow of a doubt that once you make me THIS angry, the fur is going to fly!

So here I am to type it all out so I don't cause bodily harm to someone. We all know that part is me exaggerating since I would harm someone in such a more devious manner if I were to really want to cause harm, but I digress.

We changed our Tri-Care when we got here at the end of September. We were told it would be affective 1 Oct. Fine. We weren't even in our house or anything. Well, in Oct. I call for an appt. here @ the doctor on post. I am somehow not in the system. Well, I am told to call Tri-Care again. I go through the same routing once again because I have nothing in the world better to do with my time other than to give it freely to Tri-Care. They now say, it will be affective 1 Nov. Fine. Well, I have started working out & my DH & I take out BP before & after workouts & mine is in the VERY DANGEROUS (yes, the machine puts it in all caps like that and highlights it is RED incase you are not taking it serious enough) even before I work out. SO I call to make an appointment here once more. One more try, right? I am up anyway, so I call at 730 when they open the phone lines to try to ensure I get an appt. Well, seems I am STILL not in the system & will have to call Tri-Care once again. Of course, I have been up all night. This is the third anxiety attack I have had since 1 Jan. I am NOT in a good mood at all! And Tri-Care does not open until 8. I think it was the Lord looking after the Lab Monkeys that work at Tri-Care (the same Lab Monkeys that can't stop kicking fleas off themselves long enough to press the correct button on the computer & assign me a PCM)when they didn't open until 8 this morning. Maybe I will have calmed down enough by the time I call them not to say things that would shame my parents. I try to keep my class intact while conversing with a business, but this is shameful. Very shameful. It is a waste of my time & energy because I do not feel like whatever I do today will resolve a darn thing!

Yes, the system is broken. It may not help anything, just like I think it won't but today, someone there at Tri-Care will get a peice of my mind. They will remember the chewing they get this morning for a while & I hope it sets the mood for their day enough that they actually go to their superiors & say, "The system is broken! We need to fix this! This is blasted ridiculous!" One can only hope!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Clean Sweep

The Holidays are over. I hit the house hard today trying to make a dent in the laundry that piled up on vacation & all the dirt that accumulated while we were gone. A friend of mine introduced me to "flying" I joined a Christian Homeschooling Flying group. "Flying" is a group that helps you get your act together around your house. And anyone who knows me knows that I ama a MULTI-TALENTED woman, but housework is NOT one of my many talents. It is something I do in small amounts because I have no choice. Today I got breakfast made, all the dishes caught up all day (they accumulated a million times over the period of one day here), almost all the laundry from vacation, the dog a bath, the dogs bed washed & dried, homemade liquid handsoap made, homemade liquid fabric softener made, homemade liquid laundry detergent made, spent an hour at the gym, the dogs room cleaned up. Wow! When I write it down, it sure doesn't look like much, but I was busy. Oh, and dinner marinated & cooked. Why is it that it sure does seem like more until you write it all down? Kind of depressing, huh? I have GOT to get better at it so it doesn't overwhelm me.

Saturday, January 2, 2010


My DH sent me this link after I asked him what he was laughing at. You have to know that for ym DH to laugh out loud, well, I just didn't know what it would take. he doesn't do that. As a amtter of fact he shows virtually NO emotion no matter what. I clicked the link & started reading & I laughed so hard I cried.

WARNING: the subject matter may be a little gross to some. But I had to share!


Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year 2010

Happy New Year 2010 to all my friends & family who are reading & following my blog. I have only begun my blog, but I am thoroughly enjoying it. I hope you are also.

My husband is home this year & we celebrated. We got to bring in the New Year together last night, which was a big improvement. We didn't get to bring in 2009 together because he was in So. Korea. Next year he will be in Iraq. We had to make the most of brining 2010 in together.

It is 1311 here on New Years Day 2010 & my husband has grilled a pork loin on the grill (thank you Food Lion meat sales), I made black eyed peas that are warm in the crock pot & collard greens are wilted & cooked. Now to make the corn bread. I have to love New Years. What a great meal it is going to be!

I just thought as I cooked about those who don't eat pork. What do they season greens or black eyed peas or dried beans with? My husband says olive oil. My Southern tongue made my whole face snarl at that idea. It wasn't something that seemed remotely palatable to me.

Today is going to be an easy day at home just hanging out with my son & my husband, doing laundry & enjoying each other. I got to talk to my Mama a little while ago, my Daddy is at work. Everyone is healthy, happy, & prosperous in our own right.