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Friday, January 22, 2010

Health Update

Many of you may know that my blood pressure was high as of last summer when I had surgery. I finally broke down & I am now on blood pressure medicine. If you read my previous post on dealing with Tri-Care, it was concerning this. Anyway, I took my first pill & my son allowed me to use his laptop. Things were floating off the page. My son was laughing about it. I looked up the side effects & the closest thing was "may cause blurry vision" It was floating vision. haha! Not bad though. This is my second day on it & so far so good. I was afraid I wouldn't have any energy if my blood pressure went down, like I would feel weak or something. So far, I can't say I have any more energy, but if I had less than before I would grow bedsores probably.

I was also put on Ambien for sleep. I have tried sleeping meds before & they haven't worked for me. I had not tried Ambien before so here we go. I took it last night for the first time. I got a little sleep, but it wasn't like I slept like a baby or anything. I took it at 10. At midnight I was still awake. I woke up at 4 something when my husband got up, but I didn't get up. I tossed & turned and got up before 8. But a little sleep is better than none.

I was also given anxiety meds with warnings of how addictive it is. Like I haven't ever taken them before. DUH! I weaned myself off of them which was my choice before. So now I feel like the old lady with the purse full of pills that is waddling around falling apart. Am I old enough to be on blood pressure meds? As a kid I thought "old people" had blood pressure problems. It doesn't geel good to have in your head that this is for old people & realize that "old people" is YOU!

They also took bloodwork, so when I go back for my checkup in two weeks, they can tell me what all else is wrong with me. Yikes! Isn't that scary!

So once I finally got to the doc, my appt was as 1045. I was told that I needed to be there 15 minutes early. So I show up at 1030. At noon I was called back. NOTE: This was NOT on post. On post at Redstone spoiled me. If your appt was at 1045, you were being called back by 1045 period! They meant that! Not so with a civilian doctor. My advice, bring a lunch! So I am called back, get my weight (they were nice & put the weight on the scale at 150 to start. Bless their hearts!So sweet!)get my blood pressure in both arms & at 1203 I am on my own again. I sit in the room & I hear through the paper thin walls of the 6X7 room (I am NOT exaggerating! Do NOT go there if you are claustrophobic!) the patient next to me & the doc talking & I could go into everything I heard & how the HIPPA laws do not help that. But I won't get on my soap box. So about 1230 the doc comes in. He is very cute. Great accent & pretty lips. He is PRETTY! So I am taken aback as I was expecting some stooped over, crusty, older-than-dirt man or something. I have no idea why. Just my luck I guess. So I look at him like I have never seen a man before & can't even answer his questions until I gain my composure. As cute as he was, he was NOT worth a wait of that long. I thought I was going to have to organize grand mutiny to get to be seen.

So there is my update. Pray that my blood pressure medicine makes weight fall off, literally just fall off. haha! And if you hear something rattling, it is just me coming with my purse full of pills.

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