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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Clean Sweep

The Holidays are over. I hit the house hard today trying to make a dent in the laundry that piled up on vacation & all the dirt that accumulated while we were gone. A friend of mine introduced me to "flying" I joined a Christian Homeschooling Flying group. "Flying" is a group that helps you get your act together around your house. And anyone who knows me knows that I ama a MULTI-TALENTED woman, but housework is NOT one of my many talents. It is something I do in small amounts because I have no choice. Today I got breakfast made, all the dishes caught up all day (they accumulated a million times over the period of one day here), almost all the laundry from vacation, the dog a bath, the dogs bed washed & dried, homemade liquid handsoap made, homemade liquid fabric softener made, homemade liquid laundry detergent made, spent an hour at the gym, the dogs room cleaned up. Wow! When I write it down, it sure doesn't look like much, but I was busy. Oh, and dinner marinated & cooked. Why is it that it sure does seem like more until you write it all down? Kind of depressing, huh? I have GOT to get better at it so it doesn't overwhelm me.

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  1. I dunno but it seemed like alot to me. So are you going to share flying with the rest of us? Is it like Flylady?