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Friday, January 22, 2010

Hired! Graduation Ceremony

My son started his 12 week apprenticeship with the hired! program here at Fort Stewart almost as soon as we arrived here. You have to work 15 hours a week for 12 weeks. You have a meeting to go to once a week each of those 12 weeks that help you with job skills such as interview questions, resume help, etc.

Above is a picture of my son, his hired! coordinator Ms. Tierra & other Youth employees & helpers with this program. I was so proud of my son. Seeing him complete something. It is a good feeling.

The second picture of Rod with the hired program coordinator is when she said she had a special award for an apprentice that has gone beyond what was expected & volunteered to help set up for meetings, shown up for everything, turned in all paperwork, completed all requirements & had glowing recommendations from his co-workers & boss. when they called my sons name for this I was so proud. I just knew I was going to cry & embarrass my son since everything I do embarrasses him (those of you who are or have been a parent of a teen understand this). I had to take a pic at least , which was embarrassing enough for my son. We always hear so many bad stories of kids gone wrong. I think it just starts at home. You have to instill a giving spirit into them at a young age & show them the gift of giving back & having something to give.

I am so blessed to have such a wonderful son, even through the teen years. I only hope to be the parent he needs. I question why God blessed me with such a great son when there is no way I could ever live long enough to do enough to become worthy of having such a blessing. Then I realize all that I have been blessed with is only because the Lord has given it to me, not because I deserve them nor and I expected to ever become close to worthy of the many blessing I have been given. It is very humbling.

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