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Monday, August 2, 2010

Weekend Report

Friday night I went to my friend Kristy's house & ate dinner. It was so nice to have dinner with her & her sweet family. Spaghetti was great but the company was even better. My son was, of course, out with his friends, so I would have been eating dinner alone otherwise, which isn't good for a Waiting Spouse. I never thought that I would understand "Empty Nest Syndrome" but I do. I think it happens to a lot of women especially, who have their children young.
Kristy and I then ran errands, got some things she needed for her yard sale.

Saturday was a most busy day! I got up & called a lady I was supposed to purchase a second hand, gently used Queen Sized Mattress, Box Springs & Frame from since she ahd said the earlier the better. I called at 10 til 8. I left a message. Grabbed a card table to take over to the yard sale. Went to the Yard Sale & hung out for a while. Called again about the mattress on my way over. Called again when I left. No answer. So, not wanting to spend mroe time sleeping on the floor, my son & I set out on a hunt for a bed. I went to a couple of places, but no luck finding something that was within budget since I just purchased a washer & dryer.

Came home, Rodd's friends came over & they were hanging out. I hopped on craigslist & found a complete bedroom set, called about it, went to see it, loved it. THoguht I couldn't afford it, I made an offer & the guy accepted it. I went about trying to find someone with a truck then. Thanks to my neighbors who drove over & helped and I called my son & his friend to help also. Two truck loads later, and viola! I have a bedroom suite. It is a King Sized (bigger than this room can really accomodate, but I love it) sleigh bed with a slatted head & foot board, a 6 drawer dresser with mirror and two night stands. I am so happy. Things that make someone my age happy, new to me bedroom furniture! haha! I was so excited that I had trouble sleeping even as tired as I was.

We spent the rest of the day getting the bed set up, had to make a trip to Home Depot since some of the screws got lost in the move of the bed. Also had to go by Dollar General & Targer to exchanage all of the Queen Sized stuff I had purchased when I thought I was getting a Queen for King sized stuff for the bed. I got brown teeshirt sheets. They feel good & were the cheapest sheets available. And soemthing I learned, they don't make the cheap foam toppers at Dollar General for a King Sized bed. Since I don't want it pieced together, I wait till next payday. Which is probably a good thing, because Target has some really nice memory foam ones that I would love to have!

Sunday I felt horrible (probably all the excitement from the day before) and I didn't even leave the house. I cooked fish. That was the highlight of the day. Chatted with my hubby online when we could. Horrible internet connection in Iraq sometimes and Sunday was one of those times.

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