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Monday, August 9, 2010

Manic Monday

You know me, I hit the ground running this morning. I think of Mondays as the brand new start to a clean fresh week tha ti haven't screwed up yet. It is a new beginning

So, i wake up, get ready. A friend picks me up. She brought me Starbucks. It jsut didn't get much better than that. Starting your day not only with Starbucks, but with Starbucks brought to you from a friend? That is suh-weet!

So we go to the interview. I now have a phone interview in another week or so. And I am not even sure after what they said to my friend that they are a company I would want to work for. I question their policies already. But when you need a job, there are certain risks you take, right?

We then go & pick up our mutual friend & I get to have lunch with them & ones husband & child also. It was great. We had great food, great service, and great conversation.

We then went shopping for a few minutes where I bought nothing of course because we are broke since I bought so much furniture. But it was still fun to hang out with my friends.

We then took a friend home so she could get her daughter off the bus. Me & the other friend went to get the oil changed in her car. We talked & laughed as we sat in the car waiting.

We came back to my house, picked up a few things, went to Verizon & got a few things done and then we went to tell housing that she is moving in with me here. So even though I am back to having a roommate per se, it is going to be different & good I think. I am excited about it. While I was there I got a lead on a job. That too I am excited about! Yay! Wish me luck as I am really excited about this one.

We came back home & set up some stuff in my friends new room. My son & his friend (he calls himself my other son) came home & helped unload my friends car & put together a few things. Now my friend is on her way back home for now. My kids (my son & my other son) are out running an errand for me.

I got to talk to my hubby today also. It was so good to hear from him I just DRINK IT UP when he calls. He thrills me to no end when I get a message from him. It isn't always good news and he isn't always in a good mood, but still.

So it was a full day as I am just now getting back in. But I got a lot accomplished. Just another Manic Monday! Oh, I gotta go start some laundry & some late supper! hehe

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