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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Thirsty Thursday

Yes, I know I skipped Wednesday. Today my thirst was quenched with some Hazelnut coffee with sugar & Creme Brulee creamer, over ice. Mmmm! A great way to wake up!

I woke this morning to a chat message from my husband. It had came in while I was asleep. He knew I would be. Waking up to that sweet sweet message has made my day go so well. He knew he would be unavailable all day, so he left me the chat message. I was surprise, touched, and delighted by his thoughtfulness. Of course, he never ceases to amaze me! So I can't help but smile all day today. I still have the message upso that I can look at it & remind myself all day.

I am still looking for volunteers to come mow the back yard since we haven't purchased a mower. :)

Tonight I think I am going to try out Adult Drama class where my son takes Drama & Improv. I need an outlet, you know. Plus, I am a character!

I got to babysit a beautiful little girl for a little bit this morning. She let out a man sized burp though & it surprised me. What a laugh!

Tomorrow is my first Prom Planning meeting. I am excited. I can't believe we are starting prom planning this early. I have no idea why it is going to be started this early. I guess since we started the school year.

I am really loving living in Huntsville for now. Having all of my Army Wife and Homeschool Mom friends rally around me & keep me fairly busy has kept my mind busy so I don't sit at home continually & just miss my husband.

My hubby is doing well in Iraq for those of you who are wondering. He seems to be in great spirits. Anyone who wants to send a care package can send to:

A Co, 703rd BSB
4/3 AAB
APO, AE 09333

A list of items that are always in need

Unscented baby wipes
Foot Powder
Baby Powder
Mens Deodorant (unscented or no strong scent due to bugs)
Men's Bodywash (no strong scents, same reason as above)
Razor blades
Liquid bandage
cheap black click writing pens (ones without caps)
saline nose spray
saline eye drops
travel sized tooth paste (the very small tubes)
Individually wrapped snacks (chex mix, jerky, protein bars, trail mix, skittles)
Drawings or letters or cards from your kids

Ok, that is all I can think of right now.

I wish that postage to send boxes to soldiers was free, but it isn't. The best way is to get a one rate box.

For some reason, I can't get myself together to go out this week. I think I will jsut stay inside.

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