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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Awards & Such

My friend, ex-neighbor, and best baker I know gave me this award on her blog:

Sand Mountain Girl- (can I just tell you her husband has only been in a couple of years and he has already been to Korea without her and is now deployed again)

I can't tell you how happy she made me. I woke up & found it & it has just made my day already. I think of my friend Pam often. We lived on the same road & our houses almost backed up to each other. I try to forget those who do me wrong and I never forget those who are true friends. Pam let me borrow a vehicle more times than I can tell you about. When you are just starting out (again in our case-- re-enlistment) and you are starting out with big kids, things don't alwasy go as planned. Pam baked a lot & would offer bread & things to me. Listen, I don't know if you have ever had a neighbor like this, but homemade bread? Just let me say, it went over well at the house. She is a true blue geniune person. I miss her dearly, especially now that I live back here on the same road. I go by her old house & there is an old VW Bug in her driveway & it looks so out of place to me. Their truck & van should be there. There should be sidewalk chalk on the sidewalk. And since I am as set in my ways as an old man, 10 years from now I will still think of that as Pam's house.

Wow! My day just keeps getting better & better. I didn't sleep a lot. I got a message from my husband at 2 this morn & it thrilled me to hear from him, so going back to sleep was NOT an option. I got up & tried to find him online. It took an hour so he mustve done something else. I am unsure. But then we chatted for about an hour & a half (not long enough in my opinion when I had to go over 24 hrs without hearing from him). I was as excited as someone who just won a new house. So then when he had to go, I still couldn't sleep because I am not someone who jsut drifts back off to sleep. No way. But then my good friend does this. It is definitely a wonderful day!

AND . . . . I am going to get my hair done today. I might even get to have lunch with a friend if we time it right! I love being back! Now, if my DH were just here, things would be almost perfect! That is scary to say after what all we go through. Almost perfect makes you afraid the other shoe is going to drop, ya know. But he & I deserve some happiness so we are goign to enjoy, enjoy, enjoy while we can and when & if, we just gather closer together & weather out the storm. Some of our "storms" we can now look back & laugh at. Some are still too close, too painful. Some we will never laugh at. But we are so strong together. And we have already made ti through so much. It is amazing how many things you can pack into a little over 4 3/4 yrs.

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