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Tuesday, August 3, 2010


I was given a baby gate to use to keep the dog where she needed to be. When I got the bed I thought she wouldn't be able to get on it because it is high. The first night, she didn't know she was able to get up there I think. The second night I was asleep & she cam in & jumped on the bed & scared me. I didn't get up in the middle of the night or anything, but then I put the gate up coming down the hallway so she couldn't get to the bedrooms last night. I swear she is like a cat! She is spiteful! She let me know REALLY quick like that she wasn't digging the gate by my waking up this morning to her pooping RIGHT IN FRONT OF IT THREE TIMES last night. In other words, (her words of course, because I speak Pixie Dog)"You can put the gate up, but don't expect there to be no consequences to your actions!" So first thing this morning i was scrubbing poop fromt he carpet. Nice! This from a dog that has been housetrained for three years! She will definitely let you know when something doesn't set well with her. She doesn't need words to get her point across. That is ok though. Today -- She gets a bath! And yes, she is in my room now. I caved. I have been trying to keep her out because my DH doesn't like her in our bedroom & I thought if she wasn't in here while he was gone it would be easier on her to adjust when he comes home. But now, I am going to let him do all the getting her adjusted when he gets back. This is too hard. She is not only in our bedroom, but up on our bed, curled up under the covers into a little sweet furball. If she wasn't so darn cute, she would be in trouble!

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