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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

First Day

Today was a day. My new roommate Betty's baby boy Mikey (3 months) woke me up with screams this morn. He doesn't usually do that. As much as I needed to sleep, I went & got him. Heck I was up anyway by then. I don't sleep well & once I am awake, I can't go back to sleep.

I got up, got ready, went to my first job & worked. Had help today from Birmingham. Thanks Jan! Left in time to go through the drive thru, run home, eat a couple bites in the driveway. Got inside & had to clean up. It was a mess. Went to my second job (first day). By the time I left at 5, I was tuckered.

Came home, gathered laundry, sorted, started. Gathered stay dishes that found their way through the house, gathered lots and lots of trash. What do I collect? Trash.

Once I sat down for a minute I realized that I didn't want to get back up. I finished up the lunch plate I didn't eat for lunch (didn't do breakfast either). Now I have retired to my room for a little bit of solitude. The dog fed & watered, the ice trays emptied & refilled. I am done for tonight. Rod & his friend are hanging out. My roommate & her baby are unpacking some stuff they brought in today.

Tomorrow I have more work to do, just different work. I am trying to wrap my head around being organized enough to do these two jobs, homeschool, do everything necessary here. But you will be amazed at what you can do when it is a priority.

I am very blessed to have my jobs -- and thankful.

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