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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Tuesday, August 3

It is barely Tuesday already. 0041. This time 4 weeks ago, my husband and I were on post getting him ready to go to Iraq. We spent many hours doing this. It was the last time I saw him. Four weeks. Yes, I have gone longer. I am ready for him to come home. How can I miss him worse this time than last? Not sure of the answer except it is what it is.

He is doing well. I think this deployment is going very well for the both of us. We love having internet access to each other.

At 830 this morning my son will be working at his first job. Where did the time go? Where is my little preemie? Where is the little boy that said funny things in funny little ways? Where is that little smile that shows all of those sharp little baby teeth? Where is the smooth little face without stubble? I don't have a baby anymore. My son is a man. That sounds SO weird. And of course, flipping to the other side of the coin where it is all about me, I am not old enough to have a son with a job. Pics will follow today I assure you. Pics of him getting into his Jeep to his first day of work. Pics of him in his uniform that I take when I go make a surprise visit on his first day. Pics of him punching out if they will let me come to where the clock is.

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