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Monday, August 2, 2010

Manic Monday

Good early Monday Morning to all of my friends & family who read & keep up with the blog I haven't been keeping up with. It is 532 and i have been up for over an hour already. I am sitting up in bed sneezing & feeling generally not myself. Monday mornings are usually such a chipper time for me when I feel the fresh start to a new week arriving.

Plans For The Week

Monday - As always I need to get the hosue back in order, so that is on the top of my to do list today. I have to fill up the tanks on both of the gas hogs, get groceries probably also.

Since it is the first of the month, I am going ot chance a/c filters in the house.

Wash the Dog - oh, I will do it. I don't like it, and neither does she. But it will be done!

My Dad is bringing my outdoor table & 6 chairs for my back patio, so I will be sweeping the back patio off really early before the sun comes up.

Since my son spent the night at a friends house, all the Monday Morning stuff, where I have a lot of steam & am wanting to get everythign done, will be me and me alone. Hey, did he plan it this way? Hmmm, ponder.

I also have to call housing for a few minor things around the house (leaking faucet sprayer in kitchen sink, tub stopped up in hall bath)

Tuesday - Rodd starts work. I can't tel you how I feel about this right now because I am still numb. I am not letting the fact that I am old enough to have a child that is starting to work sink in, because it IS all about me, you know. (haha!)

I also have a conference call this day. I have a part time job with Hallmark (the card store) as a Territory Assistant. I am going to go around to drugs stores & handle card displays there. I think it is going to be a lot of fun & I am looking forward to it!

This is when my husband will have been gone 4 weeks.

Wednesday - My plan is to survive till this day & get to church. I really have missed my church. I think things will look brighter from then on. I can't wait to plug back in there. I have been so busy & caught up in hte move that I haven't had a chance to go on Wednesdays. Every time there has been something come up. So this is the Wednesday I get back!

Thursday - I hope by this point in the week I am feeling better. There will be a light at the end of the tunnel. I am sure by this point my house will be a wreck again. I will have computer courses to take with Hallmark. Today is Organization & Trash Removal Day. Since trash runs on Friday, Thursday I will be going through stacks of papers, magazines, stuff that came in the mail that I haven't done anything with, cleaning out the cars (I hate that).

The bug man cometh. This is the day pest control comes out & sprays for me. YAY! I love on post housing here! They take care of everything & are so good to do so in such a prompt & friendly manner. This is NOT the case, I have found, at most installations. They spoil you here!

Also, since Friday is trash day, Thursday night is "Dumpster Diving" night as I call it. We don't actually dive into dumpsters here. Everyone's trask is by the road. But we drive around & see if anyone is throwing out any furniture since we came here bare bones since we are only going to be here a year before my honey is back & we are on the move again.

Friday - Whew! I will have made it if I make it to Friday. I will have a feeling of Victory & NOTHING will get me down then! YAY! I hope to finish up any computer classes for Hallmark I have left over, apply for more jobs, work in the house a little, mark another day off my calendar until my dear husband returns. I want to try to take a few snapshot pics, but I can't count on doing that today. We wills ee what the weekend has in store.

Saturday - maybe I will find something to do, but probably hanging out with the dog while my teenager is out having fun! maybe enjoy the quiet!

Sunday - Church. It will set me for the week. Right my path, keep me on track & focused on my loving God that forgives sins, depts, is an all-powerful God, THE Supreme being, part of the Holy Trinity, my Savior.

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