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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Picture Tuesday

Uploading pics of Our First Deployment. The pics were taken between midnight Tuesday July 6- 6 AM. For those of us who are military that's 0600. haha!

It has taken me a week before I could really even glance at the pics. I downloaded them to the computer, but didn't look at them. I have to do this in spurts as I can. I can't let in too much at a time or I think I might have a breakdown. My husband doesn't understand.

I really did get a few excellent pics of my husband. He always sticks his tongue out in pics, so for me to get a couple without him doing that is a really big deal.

Since I am still on my husbands laptop, I am not able to crop, adjust, change, alter, the pics in shutterfly like I would like to. But I can still post them.

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