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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Thankful Thursday

I got my idea from a couple other blogs for Thankful Thursday, but it is my own twist of course.

It is almost July. Here are some things I am thinkful for:

1. Oscillating fans! It is SO hot in Coastal SE Georgia. I mean HOT that even being raised in AL I didn't know about.

2. Being able to spend this one last holiday weekend with my husband.

3. July 4th! Independence Day! And that I get to spend it with my favorite Soldier, my husband.

4. All of the Soldiers past & present that make it possible for me to be here & write this.

5. My Anniversary! It is in July! Unfortunately, my husband and I won't be able to celebrate it together (He will be in Iraq by then). We didn't get to celebrate together last year either (He was in South Korea). And the year before, he was in VA. We survive it though. And like I said, he is here now.

6. All the red, white & blue that I see. It makes me proud to know I am surrounded by those who don't take our freedom for granted.

7. My family. If you've met them, enough said.

8. My kids. I have the best!

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