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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Friday Night

It is almost Saturday morning, but as I sit up here in bed, I know that I had a fun & fun-filled day, and only because I *told* myself I was going to. I chose. I chose to have a good day. I had a choice. I made the choice. I made it

Today was another Red Shirt Friday. If you don't know about Red Shirt Fridays, please visit for more information. It is to support the troops (aka: My favorite Soldier/Hero, my wonderful husband who I am grateful for). I wore my Red T-shirt with our beautiful flag on it, and what hangs in front of it but his dog tags along with his wedding band. That way I feel like I carry a little bit of him with me wherever I go.

So, I had a lot to do today as I had stated before. I got a lot done, still got to hang out with two of my besties, but I feel rotten. I forgot about the Sundae Friday until it was too late. I mismanaged my time. I missed out on seeing a friend from church who recently joined & I had wanted to see her bad. I also missed out on seeing a bunch of my old friends that I so dearly love. In case you haven't heard, I have THE VERY BEST and MOST AMAZING friends. I am so blessed. I mean in a way that is hard to explain. When I look around me at all I have to be thankful for, it is just a very humbling thing.

While out running errands today, I got some potentially wonderful news. Yes, another blessing of course. I will tell more as time goes on. Let's just say, I have been waiting on this one and even though I have to work for it, it is like this particular blessing was hand picked just for me.

I can't remember the last time I was in such an *almost perfect" place in my adult life. My childhood was a complete dream. My adult life has been a struggle. Some of the struggles have been my own doings, of course. I was once young, I don't always make the right decisions, I am human, I am deeply flawed, I am a sinner. But some of the things that have fallen into my path were not any of my own fault. Maybe my way of dealing with them, using them as stumbling blocks instead of stepping stones is my fault. But anyway, back to the here and now. Here and now, my life is a blessing. I would only change having my husband home. That would make everything exactly perfect. I can't imagine a more perfect life at all.

I got to chat with my husband earlier (not too long ago) when he should have been sleeping. I think we got so close in the nine (+/-) months we had together this last time that neither of us are sleeping well since we got used to falling asleep touching each other. But getting to chat with him tonight was wonderful. He sent me a little smiley face kiss on chat & it made my night. I know, I know, simple mind, simple pleasure. But really, it takes so little from him to make me smile. We are always connected, but sometimes you just feel closer to each other than at other times, especially when everything is over the computer. But tonight, when he sent me the smiley face, it was ever so nice. It was almost like I could touch him, like I could feel his skin. It's a connection that is deep, no superficiality, and it isn't a physical thing. I almost felt his presence. Maybe it is wishful thinking. Maybe in the back of my mind I was trying to transport him here.

I also got other good news in the last 24 hrs. More news I can't share with you just yet. Well, not the details. I will say this. I have a countdown going now.

My life is a little crazy right now, but it is the good kind of crazy. The kind where everyone is healthy, fed, and loved.

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