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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Thursday, August 26

Today was my first "hands on" training with Hallmark. I think I am really going to like this job. I met some great people to work with & can't wait to really get my system set up & get going! It feels great to be employed again.

Rod started work this week also, but you will have to ask him about that since that is his news to tell. He is a great worker though. I am so proud of him.

Speaking of which, this morning, as I was driving to Hueytown for training, I had the radio on 88.1 WAY-FM (my fav). They were asking about the best person you know. I immediately thought of my son, his giving spirit, his willingness to help, his compassion, his fight for the underdog. Then I wondered just how many people could say that about their teenager. Still pondering that. So many teens, all you hear is bad stuff. I also am pondering if all the "bad stuff" teens do is because that is all they hear about is bad teens. Are teens really encouraged as individual persons? I am not talking academically. Are we really bringing out these values in them?

I am thinking if the job I am still hoping for comes through then I will be plenty busy with those two & homeschooling this year. I am trying to keep myself busy and it is definitely worth it.

It has definitely helped to be surrounded with the richness of my family & friends. They have been a huge support thus far & I have needed them this go round more than ever.

About my hubby: There isn't much to update. He is doing well. he seems to be in such great spirits for the most part! that helps me a lot to know he is in a good mood. He has been very sweet (I'm teling you like it's a secret) lately & it makes me smile to think about. I can't wait until he gets to come home at least for a visit. It is going to be great! He is getting to see first hand, history in the making. Since he is who he is, I know he is absorbing minute details even. Maybe I can convince him to write it all down for our future ancestors one day! I would love to have something like that from my ancestors.

It has been an exciting week. My friend Betty & her baby boy have gotten moved in & almost all the way unpacked. I have had sleepless nights, but I think I will be able to sleep tonight for sure! Let us pray!

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  1. and lets pray like I need to say Amen lol. Your ray of sunshine is the best teenager I know thats for sure! Good luck with the upcoming job and the Hallymark job. Congrats to Rod I left him a message too. Good news about the DH!