Alabama Angel

Thursday, January 14, 2010


I have, since my DH re-enlisted in the Army been a HUGE proponent of Tri-Care & had no problems with them or our care facilities. That being said, "Welcome to Fort Stewart." I have no idea who is dropping the ball or where it is being dropped. But rest assured the ball HAS been dropped and I am NONE too happy about it. Anyone who knows me & knows me well, knows without a shadow of a doubt that once you make me THIS angry, the fur is going to fly!

So here I am to type it all out so I don't cause bodily harm to someone. We all know that part is me exaggerating since I would harm someone in such a more devious manner if I were to really want to cause harm, but I digress.

We changed our Tri-Care when we got here at the end of September. We were told it would be affective 1 Oct. Fine. We weren't even in our house or anything. Well, in Oct. I call for an appt. here @ the doctor on post. I am somehow not in the system. Well, I am told to call Tri-Care again. I go through the same routing once again because I have nothing in the world better to do with my time other than to give it freely to Tri-Care. They now say, it will be affective 1 Nov. Fine. Well, I have started working out & my DH & I take out BP before & after workouts & mine is in the VERY DANGEROUS (yes, the machine puts it in all caps like that and highlights it is RED incase you are not taking it serious enough) even before I work out. SO I call to make an appointment here once more. One more try, right? I am up anyway, so I call at 730 when they open the phone lines to try to ensure I get an appt. Well, seems I am STILL not in the system & will have to call Tri-Care once again. Of course, I have been up all night. This is the third anxiety attack I have had since 1 Jan. I am NOT in a good mood at all! And Tri-Care does not open until 8. I think it was the Lord looking after the Lab Monkeys that work at Tri-Care (the same Lab Monkeys that can't stop kicking fleas off themselves long enough to press the correct button on the computer & assign me a PCM)when they didn't open until 8 this morning. Maybe I will have calmed down enough by the time I call them not to say things that would shame my parents. I try to keep my class intact while conversing with a business, but this is shameful. Very shameful. It is a waste of my time & energy because I do not feel like whatever I do today will resolve a darn thing!

Yes, the system is broken. It may not help anything, just like I think it won't but today, someone there at Tri-Care will get a peice of my mind. They will remember the chewing they get this morning for a while & I hope it sets the mood for their day enough that they actually go to their superiors & say, "The system is broken! We need to fix this! This is blasted ridiculous!" One can only hope!


  1. my sweet Crystal did you sweat your glitter all out? I wonder if you could get an apooinment here! lol It might be faster lol

  2. 9 years ago i went in for a OB appointment. they said mam you are not going to carry this baby to 28 weeks and she will not make it. you need to go to vandy. so i come home call vandy and they say they can not get me in for weeks. i call the OB floor back and the receptionist says mam you are not longer in tri care HELLO I WAS THERE THIS MORNING... See More, i said can i leave a message for the OB. she said no you are no longer in tri care. within the hour i was on the phone with the head of the hospital. they said mam your husband is no longer in the army THEN WHERE IS HE BECAUSE HE HAS BEEN GONE WITH THE ARMY FOR WEEKS. so while she is trying to help me michael
    (who is 4) gets a key chain stuck to his penis and he will not let me comfort him (sensory issues) so i take it off and he is screaming in one room, i am having my first ever panic attack on the phone with this lady (did i say our last baby ended in still birth). that poor lady helped me and then called me every hour until 10pm and all day the next day. we all know that precious girl is here (faith).
    and you have heard me complain about fox here to know my opinion. i would call the patient representive at the hospital and start working your way up the chain