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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Road Test, Attempt # 1

Rod & I get ready & get to the place to take his road test for his drivesrs license today before lunch. We wait, and wait, and wait. We have filled out our paperwork, signed in. We are the second on the list when we realize, it is suddenly 12 noon. The one man office (one lady) comes out & goes to lunch. She takes lunch from 12-1230. That's fine. Everyone deserves a lunch. We wait. Patiently we wait. Lunch is over & she comes back & three people that she ha obviously told to come back after lunch or something are there. She starts their driving tests. So, even though there is a sign in sheet & our name is second on the list, we wait. It is standing room only. Someone in there smells like they have dipped themself in pure nicotine & my head starts to feel like someone is trying to put an ice pick thru the right eye socket. I stood until my hips hurt, my headache has gone from a splitting headache to a full blown migraine (because I wasn't upset enough with my baby getting his drivers license). But the lady comes back from doing drivers tests for those three folks that weren't there the whole time. She gets them taken care of & gone. Then she says she has to take care of some of the folks that are in there & starts doing some other things (written tests, renewals, whatever). So we wait some more. I am thinking at this point, why do we have a sign in sheet if you aren't taking us in the order that we arrived? But, that is just my thought. I am hungry, I need to use the bathroom (the one there was totally out of order) and my head is to the point I would not have trusted mysef to drive. THe lady finally comes out & tells us that she won't be able to do any more road tests today because she has work she has to do here in the office & will be leaving at 315 to go back to Huntsville. The sign for posted hours say til 430. I am just furious at this point because if she had said this when she came back from lunch, or even after the first three drivers road tests, I would have been like, oh well. But to have us wait and wait and wait & not tell us until the last minute that you aren't going to go by the sign in sheet & you are going to do your own thing & you have decided to take off earlier than posted hours is ridiculous. Of course, we will hop our happy bottoms back down there in the morning bright & early because we have nothing in the world better to do than to spend all day every day down there. Rod is upset that he didn't even get to take the test. I am upset that I stood down there until I am sick from the smells.

End Result: No road test today on a pretty day.

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