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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Grow Up!

Ok, so here is my RANT for the day. This is MY blog, so I will blog about this. Either read or do not read at your will, but do not leave me nasty comments if you chose to read. It is my opinion, my rant & I have a right to it!

Why do adults (not children that do not know any better yet, but adultswho should know better) get their drawers in a wad about a stupid facebook quiz result, urban dictionary definition, myspace post,or something equally trivial? It is meant to be funny.

DO NOT let it define you, get you down, make you think that some word on a stupid social network "re-defines" who you are. It is meant to be funny. Take it as that, do not get offended and move on with your sorry little life. Making a big fat hairy deal out of something that is so small really tells me more about you than the words on the page ever could.

If you are so small and judgemental that you can't see that it is just for fun, then get off facebook, myspace, or whatever, make a counseling appointment for yourself, call me & I will drive you to your appointment!

And don't give me the bull about, "but children might see". Facebook is for 13 and older, so is myspace. If a teenager goes to public school they have heard seen & most of them done worse than will ever be on facebook or myspace or whatever. If you are the parent of said child & they are younger than that on facebook, myspace or any of the other ones & you don't monitor & have your friends & family monitoring them, then that is on you, not me to babysit them! Adults: you should just get over yourselves with the pompous, pious, "Bertha Baloo Better-Than-You" attitude like the words "wild" or "crazy" offend your sensibilities. And the real shocker? The ones that are most offended are usually the ones that have the shadiest pasts. NOTE THIS: NORMAL PEOPLE READ, LAUGH & MOVE ON WITH THEIR LIFE!

Think before you type. You may do more damage than good with your little top button attitude. Don't throw around the word "Christian" like it is something you can hide under when things get tough either(like when I hurt your feelings with this blog). Christian doesn't mean you are perfect, only forgiven.

Look at yourself before you start pointing at others. Don't talk about it like "sinners" are a group of people you once saw perform on stage that YOU don't belong to! You are no better than anyone else & when you are standing in judgement of them (and over something so trivial, also) you truly need to ask yourself why you are spending so much time trying to make yourself look better than everyone else. Who are you trying to prove something to? Ask yourself that!

(Stepping down off the soap box)

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