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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

King Cake Anyone?

Happy late Mardi Gras to everyone! I hate that my posts will NOT be in order by date things happened & are late to boot. But I do not have computer access still as my laptop is still out & we have yet to replace it. So I rely on precious spare moments when my DH isn't on his laptop that I can steal away.

So yesterday morning sometime before 5 am (I didn't sleep, so the hours run together. We'll just say it was still dark out) my DH asks me if I know how to make cinnamon rolls. Since I haven't slept, I am achy all over & stifle back the comment that Pillsbury knows how. I looked at him & let the question register in this early hour. I said that I think it is like a biscuit type dough. That is the last I heard of it until last night about 6 or 630 when my DH decides he wants me to make a King Cake. So I ask him to see his laptop so I can look up recipes. Forever later when he is through with his computer he hands it to me. All I can find is the recipes that call for yeast, etc. Anyone who has baked any type of bread with yeast KNOWS you have ot let it rise, punch it down, rinse & repeat, etc. So at this late hour of course, not only do I, the great breadmaker (tring to keep a straight face on that! haha!), NOT have any yeast in the house (shock! shock!), but there is no time to go get yeast, bring it home, make it up & do the whole wait, rise & pounch down thing with the bread. Also, if you know me, you know that when I do something I like to do it from scratch (start with flour, I would mill my own if I could). So taking the cheat burns my butter! Also, anyone who has ever even passed by me on the street almost knows that I DO NOT do well with surprises, last minute changes, or last minute anything. I like to have a plan, be prepared, have a list, plan out a route, etc. But here I am last minute scrambling. So I find the easy recipe that calls for cinnamon rolls,. I take my stiff achy self to the Commissary, fight the evening crowd that had worked until just now & get cinnamon rolls. I did come home & make a King Cake by that recipe. As you can see, I did already have the dusting sugars here. I do like to bake. I just feel like such a cheater not doing it "right" or the homemade way. I also of course had no baby to put in. My husband said since it was just the two of us this Mardi Gras that the baby didn't matter. we put nothing in it. I didn't even have a penny in the bottom of my purse (which I think would have been disgusting even for store bought cinnamon rolls). It was decent as you can see. Pics posted are of the "finished product", my DH "the King" holding it, breaking into it & devouring it.

I guess it isn't bad for a first try. I just wish I had it all planned out & done before having to scramble around last minute & fake it. It really takes the fun out of it.

Anyone else bake one? Have a good recipe for one? I would love to hear about it. I will try (but no promises) to keep blogging, but right now it is proving very difficult. Thanks to everyone who follows the blog as I am learning as I go in life.

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