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Friday, December 11, 2009

Still Settling

As most of you know we moved here in October. Since moving we still haven't really settled in. My son had a HUGE group of wonderful kids that were in & out of the house all the time at our last post. I worry about the lack of involvement I find for teenagers. I am going to have to actively seek out things & create things here in my home to draw kids in. We haven't had this issue before since my son & I are both very personable. He is making friends, but I guess since we are new, no one knows us. I on the other hand due to one vehicle, taxi driving back & forth most days, haven't had the chance to properly make friends, but have so far made some wonderful acquaintances. At Christmas, I remember my friends from my old post. I wonder what my neighbor Pam is baking, because I know she is baking. I wonder what my neighbor Heather is cooking. We used to share a lot of meals together. I wish I could have a peek in at all of our homeschool friends at drama class & see what they are working on & I miss my homeschool Mom friends a lot. Of course, away from family at the holidays for the first time leads to my melancholy mood. I am blessed that we are probably going to get to see family for Christmas & I am sure hoping to squeeze in a visit with my friends if they can put me on their schedule. It is so wonderful to know that with true friends, you can go back after not seeing each other & the friendship doesn't end.

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