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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

South Carolina

This past weekend, Mother's Day Weekend 2010, I went thru South Carolina for my first time ever. We stopped at a Plantation & took some pics. It was really pretty. I found out what a jogging board is, looked at the State flag. It looks like something Muslim to me,but I know it isn't.

I've included pics of the sign outside the plantation we visited, a pic of my gorgeous husband, a pic of me (no makeup on, yikes!), a pic of the tree outside the plantation. And pic of the jogging board that I found out what that is. Wow! That was fun to bounce on! When I get a home, if it has a porch, I want one! Too fun!

My hubby got home from being away a month and the next morning here we were. Oh, I also tasted Cherry Cider & Peach Cider. They were both very good. I had never heard of either of them before. The cherry wasn't as sweet as the peach, but I liked them both.

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