Alabama Angel

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Wednesday Hump Day


My DH & I are spending our last few days together before he deploys. We are attempting to enjoy every minute we have together. It isn't easy as I am moving back to AL as soon as he leaves. Nothing like a pending deployment, pending move, and job hunting to lick the red off your candy.

We really aren't going anywhere or doing anything except our normal average everyday routine. he goes to work. I do laundry, dishes, cook, clean. He comes home, we eat & hang out. We haven't planned any wild trips last minute or anything. I think the calmness of our "old folks" lifestyle is a comfort to us.

If you are reading this, please pray for us as we face another year apart. I am very thankful that this time at least we will have R & R. For those of you who aren't military, R & R is 10 days of leave during the year where they will send my DH home & we get to have a visit. You can request certain days, but NOTHING is promised. They may not give him the dates he requested at all. We shall see. I will be sure to let everyone know as soon as I know.

As for the move, I thought moving back onto Redstone was the answer. I have prayed about this. An opportunity that my DH & I both feel is a blessing has entered our lives & we are praying it works out. More details on that as it unfolds. Please keep our housing situation in your thoughts & prayers, that we make the best decision, walk in faith.

One more thing to keep us in your thoughts & prayers about: When we get back to AL, Rod will be seeking part time employment, his first "real" job. He has completed an internship through the hired! program on post here in GA. So he has worked. He has also acquired volunteer hours over the years of homeschool. Pray that us allowing this is the right thing. And I will be actively seeking employment as well. Please pray that the job opportunity that allows me to contribute financially to my family as well as offering enough time to go back to college arrives with such clarity that I know it is the right decision.

Yesterday afternoon my DH & I had to go back on post for an appointment for my DH. We are riding along & right before the gate comes into view, I start crying. For those of you who know me, you know how "not like me" that is. There was no apparent reason. I had to dry my eyes because the gate came into view. No time to break down. Not a good time to break down anyway. I try to put my DH leaving, another year apart, in the back of my head. Then it creeps up on me at the weirdest times. Nothing happened. I just knew that in a few days, in mere hours, in no time at all, he wouldn't be in the other seat for me to look over & see. I have to believe that things are the way they are supposed to be, not necessarily the way I want them to be.

I am feeling a little unsettled thinking I don't have housing situated, I don't have a job as of today, I will be moving, my husband will be leaving and all of this within almost no time. We went through similar when he went to South Korea last year, but for some reason I feel more out of sorts than last time. Maybe because I now know how much I really will miss him and how long a year can really be. that is why I am so thankful for R & R. I can count down the days.


  1. this time it was weird for me too. i told myself that this is his shortest deployment ever, that we have been through this 6 times before. but for some reason it is different. I remember we went to the Vet and i lost it. I think rob thought i had lost my mind. praying for you as you go through this. have they told you what house you will get at redstone. wishing i was there with you

  2. Crystal reading your emails to the group you have such affirming words of wisdom in your own mental chaos. Don't we wish we could turn those on ourselves. Don't cry at the gate because you will be leaving Lyn inside those walls. Cry at the gate because you can honestly go a whole year without making the journey to Ft Stewart if you want to! I hope your housing and job situations work out. I will have Rick introduce you to the job club that he attends the second week of July if he doesn't have a job by then. Are you second guessing living on Redstone? I know things are uncertain right now but be certain in your faith and getting back into your routines and know that if Lyndon has the will maybe it will be like Rick's time out there and it can be the best year of your marriage because communication is ALL you got so YOU have to use it. Lyndon has to want that though. Hugs to you, Pam and others with loved ones over seas. I am glad that my time is over but sad for everyone elses time they have to have the challenge. It taught me a great deal though and I wouldn't actually change it for nothing. I can't wait to see you and Rod again!