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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Picture Tuesday

Picture 1: The day Rod got out of the hospital. He wanted Chinese food, so we all went to Kim San's. He hadn't had solid food for days, so he had a craving. Happy Memorial Day!

Picture 2: Happy Birthday to my DH! He is now 43! This was his Super Hero Cake. He has a Captain America fetish! I had to send the kids to get the cake done because by this time I had caught whatever Rod had.

Picture 3: Me & my friend Christy at her & her DH's 10 year Anniversary.

Picture 4: My friend Alyssa picking up a potato ball & eating it like it is a carmel apple on a stick. This was her first time at a German Restaurant.

Picture 5: Happy Father's Day! This is the Captain America Shield I made for my DH for Father's Day. That is a story unto itself! hehe!

Picture 6: Canned food drive, Rod doing a skit with drama

Picture 7: A pic Rod sent me from his phone of him & Kitty

Picture 8: My little Sierra in the creek

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